Defence Mechanisms And Self Awareness

This part of psychology really intrigues me so today I've decided to bring you an in-depth post about defence mechanisms and how you can become self aware of these; as well as creating self reflection! So here we go. What is a defence mechanism? It's an unconscious psychological mechanism that reduces your own anxiety and … Continue reading Defence Mechanisms And Self Awareness


My Grief Has Changed…

I've recently finished a nursing placement in a place that contained a lot of hurt feelings and strong emotions for me. Honestly, it's where my life began to flip upside down back in 2013. I can assure you reentering the environment was rather difficult to say the least; however I pushed on and completed my … Continue reading My Grief Has Changed…

Why People Are Quick To Judge You When You Grieve || Tips, Advice & Education

I've always wondered why people that have NEVER been through a situation that you have, are always the quickest to try and tell you how to cope and grieve; and invalidate how you're feeling. I've experienced a lot of death, one of them being very traumatic. About a month after the traumatic death in 2013 … Continue reading Why People Are Quick To Judge You When You Grieve || Tips, Advice & Education