Rimmel London Foundation Review

I’ve always used Rimmel makeup because well….I’m very pale and they are the only brand that doesn’t cost me an arm, half a leg and a quarter of my kidney THAT ACTUALLY  match my skin tone! They recently brought out a new foundation that I’ve tried and decided to review, but I’m going to review all their liquid foundations has I have them all (except for Wake Me Up) and LOVE them all.

Let’s start with my first ever liquid foundation…Match perfection. 
Rimmel match perfection foundation and concealer
This one is so great in many ways, it gives light coverage while still evening out the skin tone and covering any lumps and bumps on the skin. It comes in a variety of colours and matches most (if not all) skin tones.

Here’s the pro’s:
– Light coverage
– Pores aren’t noticeable
– Inexpensive
– Doesn’t feel heavy
– Evens out skin tone
– Smudges any skin blemishes
– Plenty of uses per bottle

Here’s the con’s:
– Sweats off after about 5-6 hours
–  Highlights any dry skin you may have
– Slips right off any oily skin

Overall, I rate this one 8/10 and recommend it to anyone with pale skin and/or doesn’t have too oily skin or too dry skin. 


Now for……Lasting Finish

This one I found to be PERFECT for get togethers and long nights out and about. It lasts an unbelievable amount of time and covers the skin perfectly. It’s soft, luxurious and accommodating to any skin type!

Here’s the Pro’s:
– Lasts hours and hours
– Covers the skin perfectly
– Doesn’t need concealer at all
– Perfect for all skin types
– Matches skin colours
– Doesn’t get cakey

Here’s the con’s:
– Can be tough to get off
– Doesn’t blend well into the under eyes sometimes

Overall, this one is perfect for any partying or all night adventure, I’d rate this one a 9/10. Perfect for all skin types wanting a medium coverage. 

Finally….the foundation I got that I wanted to review the most…Lasting Finish Nude

Recently the skin on my forehead has become dry so I needed a new foundation that wouldn’t highlight this and lo and behold! Rimmel made one! This one is actually amazing and my new favourite, it covers my skin well, doesn’t make my skin look dry and covers any blemishes in my skin. It really is the holy grail of foundations (in my opinion).

Here’s the pro’s:
– Covers dry skin perfectly
– Lasts all day
– Isn’t too thick or too thin
– No need for concealer
– Hydrates your skin
– Keeps the skin soft

Here’s the con’s:
– ????

Overall, this is my absolute favourite, it’s for any skin type and can be used for both casual wear and going out, I’d rate it a 10/10 just because I’ve never experienced such a good foundation like this one. 

Hands down, my absolute favourite is the Lasting Finish Nude.
So here’s some extra tips I’ve learnt:
– Moisturizer before foundation helps it stick better
– Use a foundation brush
– Powder foundation on the top gets rid of any unnecessary shine

The best thing about these foundations…..they are all under $20!
I hope you enjoyed my first makeup review! Photos used are from google images.

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