The Things Hannah Montana Taught Me

  “You are a shining lighthouse in the bay of stupidity”


99% of people I know have watched Hannah Montana, 100% of those people LOVE Hannah Montana; but as much as a young teens/kids show, it very much teaches you a lot of lessons about life, love and friendships. So as the title suggests, here’s what I learnt from Hannah Montana….



Friendships are fertile to having a healthy life. Through watching Hannah Montana I realised that friendships go through a lot, you can not talk to your bestfriend after a fight for a few days and still hold them dear to your heart. The many times Miley and Lilly had a rough patch, talked through it and made it up to each other is a good example of how all friendships should be. They go through real life things like fights over boys, lying and general misunderstandings and how friendships can conquer all if the bond is just right.I also learnt that you can always be yourself with the right person, and help to grow with each other. For example, the time Miley helped to teach Lilly to sing, when Miley told Lilly about her secret double life before anyone else, Miley tried to prevent heart break in Lilly by telling her about her cheating boyfriend and all the times they both surprised each other after having arguments.

I learnt that it’s OKAY to have disagreements with friends, phrase things wrongly, break up and make up again. Miley and Lilly will always be friendship goals.



Miley had a fair few romantic interests, but none other than the ongoing Jake Ryan. Towards the end of the series she battles a decision of whether to stay with Jake, or go to Jesse. Given, not many people would be in this position but everyone can take a page from it. You can’t grow without heartbreak, and it’s okay to get heartbroken sometimes. We can’t always date the people we want and that’s okay too.

We also learn that having many crushes is fine when your single! When you’re in a relationship, we learn that respect and honesty are huge things; Miley often struggled with honesty like I’m sure some people are….not everyone is honest when they need to be and we learn that we should always be honest, even if it hurts the one you love.


sad hannah

I learnt that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to feel every emotion there is without being judged. I just learnt that being sad is and will always be normal to feel.


I learnt that you should always try to find happiness in everything you do and try to not dwell on the negatives all the time. Happy is the key to life.



I learnt that you can always grow and distance yourself from the old you. That you’re allowed to branch out within yourself and change everything and anything, to make yourself happy. Personal happiness is the key to life and you are entitled to change.

Everyone grows and changes, but sometimes you’re afraid to, what will people think? Will my friends still like me? Will they judge me? The final episode in Hannah Montana taught me that a real friend will always stay with you, no matter how much change you bring into your life. It also taught me that I can grow to who I want to be and not to worry what other people think of it. Miley made the choice to reveal that she was Hannah Montana and give up her career to live just one life, and that is a huge thing. It made me think that you can live any life you want without it being dictated for you.



Nobody’s perfect, life goes on, we all make mistakes; just don’t dwell on all the bad things and be a complete rockstar on the inside and out. Wear the makeup and clothes you want, have as many or as little friends as you like, just do what it takes to make you feel like a rockstar.

I simply learnt that…….you should always be who you want to be, have great friends, make mistakes, grow as person all the time and be an absolute rockstar. Thank you Hannah Montana for the memories, the good, the bad, the tears and the joy! I, like a lot of people, learnt a lot.

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