Setting Goals And Accomplishing Them

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”
– Unknown

Setting goals can be both easy and hard at the same time. You’re probably thinking, how can it be both? Well, have you noticed that sometimes you’ll set a goal that seems easy to do but then find yourself 6 months later still not able to tick it off? That’s where it gets hard. So I’m going to give you some help in setting goals and accomplishing them…well…these tips worked for me so I hope they can work for you too!

First of all, look at the kinds of things you want to change and/or do. Are they realistic? If not, this next part is for you. If they are realistic, scroll down the page a bit or continue reading here anyway!

Unrealistic Goals

These are huge, everyone has them and everyone attempts them; but almost always fail to accomplish them…
First take a look at your unrealistic goals, what makes them unrealistic? Do they seem far away or is something always seeming to get in the way? This is the fun part. In order to accomplish ‘unrealistic’ goals you must first set baby step goals to reach to it, you can’t just set a huge goal and expect it to happen; never works like that! Let’s have a look at this using a goal I’m sure a lot of people have….to lose weight. Say you want to lose around 20kg and in your mind you just set the goal of ‘lose 20kg by *insert time frame*‘, you’re not going to really achieve it (though it has happened) so for baby steps you might set goals like:
– Switch sugary snacks for healthy ones
– Begin an exercise routine you might like and stick to it
– lose 2kg a week
– Try a combination of exercises
Then when you have those goals ticked off, getting to the 20kg mark becomes as simple as maintaining those little goals! Given, it’s not always easy and requires a lot of strong mentality and the want to change.

Realistic Goals

These ones are kind of easier! If you deem them as realistic then obviously you’ve been thinking about how to properly approach them to work. Realistic goals would include things like:
– Growing your hair out
– Starting a new hobby
– Activities you want to do in the month
– Getting a license
etc etc etc
These are easy goals because they don’t really require little goals to get to the big goal and are far more friendlier to attach to. There really isn’t much to say here because they’re pretty self explanatory.

One thing these both have in common is the will to change and absolute self motivation to get there, obstacles can be big but with enough work they can become minuscule. Setting goals for every month can be wonderful, give you the sense of satisfaction and help you to feel happy overall with your life. (Setting goals can be a great help to battling depression). You just need to find out what you want to achieve, then achieve it!

Tips on keeping track of goals and starting them:
– Buy a diary to put them in
– Write them in and give a time frame
– Write in detail the purpose of the goal
– Keep track and document how the goal is coming along
– Take photos and write quotes to help you
– Share your goals with people
– Create goals with friends so you can both support and help each other
– Look up what other peoples goals are
– Have a combination of realistic and unrealistic goals
– Do what you’re capable of
– Pick an hour or a few minutes in very day to contemplate the goal, think of your progress and find grounding in yourself
– Remember that it’s okay to not achieve all of your goals

To sum it up, if it seems unrealistic, create little goals to reach the big goal; if it’s a realistic goal, then go at it full charge.

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