Inner Peace

                                  “Nobody can hurt me without my permission”
                                                                                              -Mahatma Gandhi


Inner peace is one of those things that is hard to come by, but a great achievement and learning curb. When you learn to be in control of yourself you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, as well as improving your relationships with other people. I’ve found that loving relationships with others comes from what happens within you, you’re going to love and trust someone if you love and trust yourself. This isn’t always the case though. Inner peace is such a personalized thing that what works for one doesn’t work for another, and that’s okay. It’s about finding what helps and works for you.

Ruminating on past events, things that could happen and things that are way in the future can be detrimental to your inner peace. I find keeping busy to be the best way to avoid disrupting my inner peace amid other things that I will touch on soon. Having down time to process my day, journal and reflect on things is a great outlet for any frustrations, misunderstandings and even good points. I think that when you do nothing all day it throws your inner peace into shambles, you’re going to complain about little things and focus on things that don’t matter if you have nothing constructive to occupy yourself with. Finding a hobby can be the greatest lifesaver for anyone, whether it be scrapbooking, exercising, drawing, painting, writing etc it all helps to maintain a healthy mind and soul.

I needed counselling to start the foundations of my inner peace. To get over the past, to stop thinking about it and to learn how to respond to things; so counselling can be a great method to help. Admitting to any problems you have also build into a great level of inner peace, if you know what you need to fix or alter, then you are well on your way to peace. No one can disrupt your peace unless you let them, you learn to cope with rude comments, judgments, anger and sadness. There’s no point in losing some of your inner peace just because someone doesn’t have inner peace with themselves. Taking responsibility over what you do and what you say is very important.

This all takes time, a lot of time. Learning coping strategies and methods for dealing with things helps a lot so I’ll share with you my top strategies!

  • Journal what has happened
  • Make pros and cons for situations
  • Try to understand people’s motives
  • Shake off insignificant thoughts
  • Distract yourself when you find you’re ruminating
  • Find a new hobby, or learn something new
  • Create goals and plans
  • Be thankful for what you have
  • Appreciate any life lessons you’ve had
  • Trust your intuition or gut instinct
  • Look at your thoughts from different perspectives
  • Simplify anything that seems difficult
  • Exercise
  • Going outside
  • Smile, even when you don’t want to
  • Let yourself feel all your emotions then filter them into what is most important
  • Always seek help for problems before they get worse
  • Finish anything that you start
  • Mix up a routine
  • Be extra nice to people who need it (for example: people who can be nasty)
  • Learn to say no, and stick to it
  • Leave when you feel your inner peace being taken

At the end of the day, all of this is very personal and can work for some but not others, and that is okay. Learning just to cope with even small things will benefit you in the long run, habit takes time to kick and if you’re used to looking at things negatively it will take time but it is more than reachable to become a more positive you. I hope this has helped, even in the slightest!

Featured image was taken by me and I may dedicate a post to some of my favourite photos that I have ever taken!

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