Keeping A Journal + Journal Prompts

Keeping a journal is the most relaxing and healthiest way I can get out any frustrations, anger, sadness and happiness. My journal is pretty much the inner workings of me, and includes quite personal things. Journals are usually a very personal and private thing anyway, you don’t want someone going through your journal.

Let’s begin at looking at the uses for a journal.
You can use your journal for tracking moods, periods, finances, daily events, past events, your life in general basically! There are endless uses for journals and my personal favourite is to write out how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. As they’re personal you can add any colour, photos, drawings, writing styles etc to really bring out your inner creative side. If it’s decorating in a way that pleases you then obviously you’re going to keep writing in it all the time! You can be a sporadic journaler like me, I usually write in it 3 days a week depending on what’s going on and how important it is to document it.

Depending on your style, you can use either a blank page book or lined page book, whatever works for you. At Typo you can get a bunch of accessories to use in the journal, or for a cheaper alternative Kmart has virtually the same products at a much cheaper price. Down below are some prompts that may help you get started!

Here’s 20 things to journal about:

  • How your day was, go into depth in your activities
  • How your life was a year ago from now and what you want it to be a year ahead
  • What you eat and drink in a day
  • Any events that changed your life
  • Life lessons
  • What your dreams are
  • What makes you sad/angry/happy
  • Good memories
  • Bad memories
  • What you want to change
  • Where you want to travel
  • Write a letter to a loved one or friend or enemy (they’ll never read it)
  • A bucket list
  • Things you want to learn more about
  • Things you want you and your friends/partner to do together
  • Your dream party (who’s invited, what happens, what is it for etc)
  • Your favourite lyrics
  • Your favourite poems
  • Planning your finances
  • TV shows and movies you want to watch or even a review

Lists like these really help when you have writers block but really want to journal. If you can think of more please use the comment section below!

You can buy things for your journal here, here or even here! So happy journaling!!

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