My Favourite Shows || Top Ten

Today I’m introducing yet another miniseries to my blog! That’s right, I’ve branched out to do Top Tens, whether they be personal things or public things, you’ll get them right here! So today we are beginning with my Top Ten favourite shows….brace yourself.

  1. Stranger Things
    This show is the perfect mixture of monsters, government cover-ups, suspense and 80s all perfectly done by a great cast. Well worth a watch. (Please make a season 2)
  2. Scream
    This is quite an interesting show and can be quite a mind bender! If you enjoyed the films you would enjoy this show. As it stands it only has 2 seasons, which are jam packed with fun and scares!
  3. The Simpsons 
    Who doesn’t love a dysfunctional family with humour, am I right?
  4. American Horror Story 
    I love horor films, so naturally I really enjoy American Horror Story, amazingly done characters and actors/actresses, as well as amazing story lines and themes. Worth a watch if you’re into horror!
  5. The Fresh Prince
    Will smith in his element! This show really pulled off real family issues as well as humour, you could learn a thing or two!
  6. That 70’s Show
    This really covers teenage problems and relationship issues, done in a completely light hearted way with some memorable scenes!
  7. Bojack Horseman 
    While this show can be quite dark, it doesn’t skip out on humour and puns; not to mention the variety of people and animals on the show!
  8. Ghost Adventures 
    I believe in ghosts, and whether or not these shows are REAL or not; I find this series to be quote enjoyable and scary from time to time.
  9. Freaks And Geeks 
    This show is pretty entertaining and full of well known stars now considering most of them were starting out at the time.
  10. Full House 
    This is quite the show, full of family values and lessons done in a perfect way. Sure, there’s some cringe worthy scenes but nonetheless it’s very funny!

{ These are going to be small blog posts with little detail included, these will be out every Wednesday }


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