Blocking Out Toxicity

“The stupidity of gossips is that they become frightened when they see your face, and a little word from your mouth makes them vibrate like an electrocuted criminal.”
– Michael Bassey Johnson

Recently I published a post about dealing with negative people, which you can find here. I wrote that post quite a few months ago and debated on whether to upload it or not, because sometimes topics like that can be done the wrong way. Nonetheless I published it anyway after sitting on it since May, that is where this post comes in. I talked about how to spot a negative person and how to deal with it, but not how to block it out; so keep reading if you’re interested!

A lot of this is much easier said than done, but with some practice you should be fine. There’s a quote I know and it’s on the lines of “what you allow is what will continue”  and I think it’s rather true. If you continue to allow people to act badly they will continue to do it. At first thought, I thought that maybe if I block it out it might continue because in a sense it is still allowing it to happen. After thinking about it more deeply  I realised that it’s not really allowing it to continue if you ignore it and show patience rather than a negative reaction.

So ever but slowly I decided to stop showing my reactions to people, stopped trying to pull them up; basically acted like what they did didn’t affect me. Which is true to a point. I read plenty of blog posts on this topic and decided I would make it pretty easy for you and just list the best tips here:

  • Never show a negative person your reaction
  • Think to yourself that it’s just “water off a ducks back” and stop thinking about it (easier said than done but can be done)
  • Use this as an advantage to learn patience
  • Give off positive body language when around these people
  • Keep a positive boundary, how long is enough when you have to be around them?
  • Remember that it’s them, not you with an issue
  • Sometimes, it can be personal; if a negative person critiques you have a think about why, chances are they are throwing onto you their insecurities.

There are plenty of blogs with more information that are far more in depth!

If you’re unsure of positive body language, it can be basically any of these:

  • Hanging your arms to the side, basically having an open posture
  • Make eye contact when you talk to someone
  • Letting people know you are listening to them ( this could be head nods etc)

These tips are for people have to be around these people and don’t have the option of basically telling them to leave you alone. Keeping yourself grounded can be one of the most important life lessons to create. Stress can cause a lot of physical and emotional problems that just aren’t worth it if you’re stressing about negative people and their behavior. Learn to relax and let what they do go over your head, it just really isn’t worth it. As usual, always speak to a counselor if you need to, don’t be afraid to get help from the outside.

Feel free to comment if you have anymore tips or suggestions!

— Thanks for stopping by —


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