Coping Strategies || Depression

As you all know, depression consumes everything in its path. Your thoughts, feelings and memories can become almost unrecognizable. When I was recovering I learnt all these different coping strategies that I’m going to share with you today. Some of these may or may not work for you, it’s completely personal and varies in help.


This one usually helps when you have thoughts going on in your head that you’d like to get rid of. Start off by thinking of 5 things you can see around you, 5 things you can physically feel right now and 5 things you can hear. Then think of 4 things you can see around you, 4 things you can physically feel right now and 4 things you can hear. Keep going till you get to 0. This one requires a lot of paying attention to outside sources, giving you a bit of time outside of your head.


This one is almost as easy at it sounds. Sometimes there’s things you don’t want people to know but you want it out of your system, simply writing it down and not skipping a detail works great for this. At the end, you can hide it in a box or you could simply burn it and watch the paper disappear. This can be quite relaxing if you have a lot of built up anger and frustration.


This one can be hard, when we are depressed we really don’t focus on what’s going on around us because we’re busy trying to cope with what’s going on on the inside; but it does help. Think of 5 or more things you take for granted in a day whether it be living in a house to having a bed. Then take it one step further, think of 5 things about one person that you take for granted. This one can have some good results and a calming reaction.


Yes, that’s right, colouring! Sometimes the most basic activities can be the most therapeutic. Getting a kids colouring book, or even an adult one and some pencils can be so relaxing. Sometimes I like to mix it up and use a variety of materials like paint, textas and pencils in one colouring page. It really does help!

Some other things to try

  • Have a bath with bubbles or a bath bomb
  • Talking to someone
  • Listening to music
  • Reading books etc
  • Walk around outside
  • Take photos of landscapes etc

If you can think of anymore feel free to comment! I hope these can help you in some sort of way. Stay tuned for more.

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