How I ‘Perfected’ My Everyday Makeup

I’ve never been a whizz at makeup, so YouTube tutorials became my friend. Even then, I found it freaking hard to do most of the things on the tutorial; so I started practising my own makeup ideas on myself and hoped for the best. I love basic and vintage styles of makeup so I put them together and his was my result.  

So basically this is my ‘everyday’ (I don’t wear makeup that often) makeup routine!

So this is how I do my makeup!


I usually put a light moisturiser on my face first, otherwise my skin gets dry and flaky. After the moisturiser dries into my skin I do my liquid foundation; I just put a few blobs on my brush, dab it around my face then blend it all in. For this I use Rimmel Match Perfect in Porcellan Doll. 


I usually just lightly put this under my eyes and blend it, as I like my freckles around my face just not the discolouration around my eyes. I usually just fab it under my eyes and blend it in. For this I use Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. 

So then I finish off my foundation by lightly blending in a powder foundation. For this I use Australis Mineral Powder. 


I usually use a light coloured eyeshadow on my eyelid. For this I usually swap between Models Prefer and Maybelline. 


I don’t really contour but I do a little bit of highlighting. I usually just dab it on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose. For this I basically use a Chinese brand I got on EBay or Models Prefer highlight kit. 


This one took me forever to master. I use liquid eyeliner as its much easier to play around with. Basically for this I close an eye and draw a line where I want the wing/flick, then keeping the eye closed I push up against my eyebrows to keep my eye kind of flat and go from the top of the flick down to the middle of my eyelid and keep repeating that till the line is how I want it. For this I just use any pen eyeliner. 


This one is pretty self explanatory. I use 2 mascaras as it works better than one and I just lightly put them both on. For this I use Avon and Maybelline mascaras. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! 

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