Getting Prepared For Nursing 

You guessed it, I got accepted into the bachelor of nursing! Which means I have a full and hectic 3 years ahead of me, but I’m sure without a doubt it’ll be the most rewarding career and study.

Basically I’ve gone nuts getting organised and prepared, everything I’ve read about nursing is to be organised from day 1 and you should be fine.

I decided to decorate my diary and binders so I’m more willing to look at them and use them, even setting up tabs and things on the inside. I think I became Office Works number one customer for week with all the money I spent there…oops. I’ve made a study plan, my timetable and designated days for certain things.

Not only do I have a daily diary, but I went ahead and created a mental health diary that’s still in the works that I’ll do a seperate post on, but here’s some photos so far. 

Am I nervous? you betcha! It’s a good kind of nervous though, I think….
I’m where I should be, to help people and do the best that I can. I’ll be making more blogs in the future on how nursing is and any tips that work for me! 

In the next few weeks I’ll do a post on my bullet/mental health diary and a photo post from my holiday!

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