Being True To Yourself 

{Be yourself, because you can’t be anyone else}

Adulthood means learning to be actually true to yourself, your values, your morals and priorities in life. Being true to yourself also means that you’re willing to grow continuously and listen to constructive criticism (there’s a difference between being rude and offering solutions to any criticisms that are within reason). It also means respecting other people. 
Are you who you want to be? Do you know where you want to go in life? Do you know what you actually want out of life? Are you surrounded by people of your own choosing? Is what you’re doing make you happy? These are all the questions you should ask yourself when wanting to make that giant leap into the unknown of actually understanding who you are and moving forward. 

During the gap year of graduation high school and entering university, I spent the time growing and figuring out who I am and who I want to be; I had no idea what career I wanted and I was confused about who I wanted in my life and who I was living for. I wasn’t living for me, I was living for the me from high school, which is a level of immaturity that I’ve grown from, for the better. By the halfway mark of last year I decided who I wanted in my life and what I wanted out of friendships, this meant I deleted and blocked a lot of people from my social media accounts and stopped talking to people (I also learnt that you don’t have to give people a reason as to why you do what you do). 

I spent time doing what made me happy, trying different hobbies and learning my own personal styles. When I started listening to the positive voice in my head (as well as having an extremely supportive boyfriend) I had the confidence to start wearing the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, to even have my hair how I wanted it. I used to always dye my hair, it became kind of therapeutic, but I realised that truly being me meant that I wanted to have my natural hair colour back; people dye their hair to have a hair colour like my natural colour and embracing that is important to me. Though that’s not to say I won’t dye my hair ever again, because there’s a 99% chance I will. 

Being true to myself made it important that I knew my own values and morals, not those of the people around me. I learnt that I have many, I guess, kind of outdated values and morals on things like relationships, families and sex. (Just so we don’t cross any lines of miscommunication here, I’m not against LGBT). Knowing your own values and morals are very important, it’s what makes people different and passionate about different things. If you have values and morals bent on what the latest trend is, then you are not true to yourself, and don’t try lying to yourself about it. 
If you love your life to look good on social media, you aren’t living for yourself; and that’s really sad. That’s why it hinking blogging is such a great thing, because you can actually be you and there are people out there that will have similar views or interests as you so you don’t need to fake anything and just live and do everything for yourself. 

For me, I find being independent (or as independent as I can possibly be till I move out of home) to be important to being true to myself. Cooking for myself (and cooking together with my boyfriend), cooking for my family from time to time, doing my own washing and paying my own bills in a weird way feels important to me maintaining my true self. Being true to myself means being self sufficient while to a degree relying of certain people for certain things. (If that makes any sense?). 

I’ve found happiness in being true to myself, I can finally make myself happy and not solely rely on someone to make me happy for me and that’s a great achievement in my opinion. 

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