My Thoughts On || Christmas + 2016 

As this year wraps up, I decided to take a look back on all the wonderful things that have happened this year, as well as what’s to come in 2017. I’d just like to add, I really like this part of my blog (My Thoughts On segment) because I can express my own thoughts in my own way, and to me that’s a great thing. So without further a due ado, here we go!


This year has been crazy, I started Uni and became a qualified AOD support worker, I made so many friends as well as lose a few on the way (that’s life!), celebrated my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend, received a promise ring from my boyfriend,  finally left my teen years behind me, got accepted into the Bachelor Of Nursing for 2017, mastered my eyeliner, got my license, didn’t have many depression relapses (if you can call them that), learnt what it means to be an adult; overall my year was quite amazing. 

I went into this year after having a gap year full of uncertainty and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, till I went to a Uni open night to see what had to offer. I was more interested in the counselling side of AOD but I decided to take a chance and do the course. Thanks to the course, I realised exactly where I wanted to be, exactly what I needed. I started to realise how different high school and Uni are, which meant I could actually be myself and hang around who I wanted rather than be forced to. I began to flourish into someone who really enjoys studying and doing the work load (high school me would be shocked). I realised that everything they say is true, if you truly are interested in something, you’ll make it happen no matter what. Psych nursing is my main goal so far, as that seems to click more than anything, but I’m sure general nursing is going to excite and fulfil me further. I like the challenge and the learning, so bring it on!

After finishing this year, I realise I really succeed when diving into the unknown and challenge myself; really challenge myself. 


This is wear my post might get a little sad, I’ve enjoyed Christmas so much since I was kid, and after the loss of my pa 3 years ago Christmas never really has felt the same. I now prefer the family time over gifts, having laughs and sharing memories with my loved ones. Christmas has become more personal, I guess. It still feels like we are missing a person at our table every Christmas lunch, but it does get easier over time. 

I’ve always loved Christmas lights, hence why my room is always filled with fairy lights, the pure feeling of happiness that they bring, the whole driving around searching for Christmas lights is even fun for me. My boyfriend and I went looking at Christmas lights recently and it was perfect, the weather was warm and the amount of effort people went to decorate their house didn’t go unnoticed! Holding hands with my boyfriend and soaking up pure happiness together was a great feeling. I highly recommend looking at Christmas lights with your partner! 

As a kid, we always got a real Christmas tree, and while I would get allergies if I was close to it long enough it would give off the best smell, mixed with the colours of tinsel and boubals and lights. Even though we get a plastic tree now, it still in a way has a similar feel. When I move out of home I will be getting a real Christmas tree every Christmas! The only people I see that don’t like Christmas are the really negative people, whom I feel sorry for.

2016 Wrap Up 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year, for helping me begin to grow into the person I want to be. All the love from my friends and family this year has been insane and I really appreciate it. This may seem little, but thank you to the 22 followers I have on my blog, I appreciate that there’s people out there that want to read my things, that makes me happy!! 

What to expect in 2017

As I start nursing I’ll have more fun things to add to my blog, such as organisation, how I study, how I set up my folders, my desk set up and more! There will also be more recipes, more clothing and more photo posts! Be sure to check them out through out the year! Image used is from Google images. 

                                           Thank you, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you in the new year! 


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