My Study Area || Nursing

It’s getting closer to starting, and as you can tell I’m super excited about this huge challenge I’m about to undertake! For Christmas I got a desk, which is one of the best presents I’ve ever received. So I’ve made it all pretty and got around to designing and printing out my own study planner and monthly planner. I have designed some key documents for my binders, but that will be in an upcoming post! Till then, keep reading….

This is my FABULOUS desk…

There’s so much storage in this little desk, two drawers and 3 shelves; it’s perfect for me. I pretty much really love fairy lights so I had to deck my desk out in them too. For reference, my desk was purchased at Officeworks and it’s an incredibly sturdy desk, I highly recommend it!

So this is where my lovely home made planners are! The way I made my monthly planner is pretty cool, mainly because all I have to do every month is just change the month and print it out, then label the dates. My study planner is colour coded in the same colour that I use for my post-it notes and page tags…call me crazy but it’s so much easier being THIS organised with things.

This was just a small post about my set up, which I’m really pleased about as you can tell! I’ll have posts coming soon on my DIY planners, assignment/tasks to do planner and more! I’m not sure hwy my photos saved in bad quality, but you get the idea!

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