2017 Jar Of Accomplishments + Positivity 

Call this what you want, but the idea is the same. You put all your highlights through the year in it. As I’ve found many variations of this on Pinterest, I thought I’d share my variation! 

The idea of the jar is to be filled with every good thing that’s happened throughout the year ready to be opened on New Year’s Eve this year. 

First off, you can either buy a jar or a box and decorate it any way you would like! I went with a simple look. 

Even though this is for the last leg of last year, I thought I’d include it anyway as it’s a good example too. I cut a piece of paper and write the date on one side and the highlight on the other side. 

So it’s pretty simple from here, you just keep filling the jar! Some other variations could include:

– Tying a ribbon around the note 

– Create this in the form of a scrapbook 

You can really do whatever you like with it. I like to keep it on my desk so I can see it and remember to put little messages in it. Good luck with your jar!

Happy new year and I wish you all a healthy and safe year! There’s so much coming to the blog this year so stay tuned!

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