Do’s And Don’t’s For Keeping Sane

I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’t’s for keeping sane. I feel like this needs to be done, because at the end of the day we all need to realise that our actions and words have consequences; so why not make them as positive as we can?


  • Do let people give you mild criticism, but only if it’s constructive and provides a solution
  • Do know that it’s never too late to do good or change your approach
  • Do understand who you are as a person
  • Do what makes you happy
  • Do undertake new challenges
  • Do be proud of how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go
  • Do be grateful and appreciative of the people and things around you
  • Do good without expecting it back
  • Do go and hang out with the people that understand you, it’s healthy
  • Do believe in yourself and your capabilities
  • Do not give up when things get hard
  • Do something new every month
  • Do seek help when you need it
  • Do try and forgive the unforgivable (even without an apology, it helps for peace of mind)
  • Do patch things up if you believe you can
  • Do understand that everyone is different and sees the world differently
  • Do make someone happy if you have the power to
  • Do apologize when you should
  • Do take responsibility for your actions and words
  • Do try and think positive thoughts
  • Do remember that some of the best things take time
  • Do treat others how you want to be treated
  • Do cleanse your life often
  • Do speak up when there’s something wrong
  • Do be yourself, always
  • Do whatever has positive impacts to you that doesn’t inflict negativity onto others
  • Do keep yourself busy and doing things



  • Don’t let people put you down
  • Don’t let people question your self worth
  • Don’t let people slip if they’re suffering a mental illness, offer them help, support and encourage them to go to services that will help
  • Don’t aim for likes on social media
  • Don’t make assumptions on things you don’t know much on/about
  • Don’t let your past define your future
  • Don’t let people stand in your way when you’re trying to do good
  • Don’t hang out with people that don’t promote happiness
  • Don’t believe everything that goes through your mind
  • Don’t give in to fears, if there’s a will, there’s a way!
  • Don’t pressure yourself or the people around you
  • Don’t let peoples opinions bring you down
  • Don’t be afraid to cut people off
  • Don’t lower yourself for someone else’s expectations
  • Don’t let your ego get in the way of things


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little post, I just want to promote healthy minds and positive growing in myself and others. I’m sure I’ll update this with new things over time!

*What’s coming up?*
Next week there will be a post on what’s in my binder and some tips!

— Thanks for stopping by —


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