What’s In My Binder! + Tips || Study

I’m really excited to make this post, I love watching videos and reading up about how people set up their binders/folders; so I just had to do one myself! Keep reading down further for tips on binders and where to find print outs.

I begin my nursing studies at the end of February, however I’m pretty pleased with my set up. I’ll be doing more organisation posts so stay tuned! All of my binders are set up the same so I’ll only be showing one of my binders.

Down the bottom I’ve included where I get things from, and their brands.

Let’s start with my cover!

Basically I decorated it so it looked far more pretty. I included when my subject is on the front too because not only does it look good, but it helps!

My dashboard! 


It’s pretty basic, I just have the page flag and post-it notes here so they’re ready at my disposal. I did include a separate post-it note and flag at the bottom just in case my dashboard items fall out and that way I know what colours to replace them with.

The other side of my dashboard!


So this part is so far missing the class outline which I’ll receive when class starts, but behind that I just have a quick overview of things that I’ll need to study which can be found here.

My tabs


So this is just how I have my tabs set up, which I’ll go through individually!

Assignments tab


This tab is for, you guessed it, assignments! So here I made my own assignment overview page, and put in loose leaf lined paper behind it so I can go into depth in what I have to do and when it’s due.Pretty handy, huh?

Notes tab


This is purely for my notes, which is filled with lined loose leaf paper! On the front I did a contents page, so the pages will be separated by page flags, so It’s easier to get to specific things. I will be making a post in the future for how I set out my note pages, as well as how I made my contents page!

Definitions tab


This is because I know I’ll learn words that I need to remember and just as a need-to-know glossary! I’ll be making a post in the future on how I set out my definitions! It’s pretty boring so far only having loose leaf paper in it!

Other tab


This tab is for diagrams and mind maps! I simply filled it with hole punched A4 paper ready to go! I may make a post on how I do diagrams and mind maps in the future!

Handouts tab


The start of this has an essay work sheet which can be found here, just as a go-to to help if I’m stressing out over essays. Behind the pocket is a bunch of empty plastic pockets just waiting for some handouts!

So that’s my binder setup!

Here’s some tips that might help!
Do some research on how others did their binders.
– Tailor your binders to be able to change when needed, and contain all the things you will need.
– Use print outs where possible or even spend time creating your own sheets.
– Decorated binders are so much better than plain, you’ll be more keen to look at them that way.
– Have TONNES of spare paper and plastic pockets just in case you run out.
Be sure to let me know any tips you might want to add! 

Everything else

– You can find more print outs (free) here.
– My binders are J.Burrows 2 ring (large) which can be found here.
– My loose leaf lined paper is Keji 100 sheets pack which can be found here.
– My blank hole punched paper is Reflex A4 copy paper hole punched which can be found here.
– My plastic pockets are by Keji which can be found here.

This post is not sponsored in anyway, I just want to help people get a bargain for their items and save money!

Stay tuned for future posts such as
How I set out my notes
– How I do diagrams
– How I do mind maps
– Organisation tips and tricks
– Keeping a diary and planner
– Flashcards tips and tricks
– My outfits for the week at uni 

— Thanks for stopping by —



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