How I Setup My Notes!

Studying nursing has been hectic and this is the first time I’ve had enough time to even write a blog post! 

Today I decided that I’ll show you how I set out my notes and how handy it is! 

We learn something new every week, so I chunked my notes as weeks rather than topics all spread out. I then divide the chunked weeks into topics and different headings. Here’s an example! 

I like to highlight the title in yellow and use a blue high lighter for words that are in my definitions tab. 

I like to also include where the readings come from so I use a little box on the side with book titles and chapters so I can refer back at any time! 

I think this is a great set up for nursing notes as the study content can be so full on, so chunking and seperatung the information works wonders. 

This is only a small post but I really love how I set out my notes and pretty much just wanted to share that, I hope it helps someone! 

— thanks for stopping by — 
I have an Autumn clothing haul coming soon as well as outfit ideas for uni, so stay tuned! 


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