Why It Was Important For ’13 Reasons Why’ To Show The Suicide

There’s been a lot of debate surrounding the show of Hannah Baker’s suicide. Was it too graphic? Was it too real? Was it necessary? Frankly, I thought it was much needed. I’m going to put a trigger warning here, as this might not be for the faint of heart. 

For a subject that’s talked about so little, this blew the door open. If you’ve watched the series and never felt like committing suicide or never known someone to want to commit suicide, there’s a chance you’ll think the scene shouldn’t be there. The scene opened up so much discussion on the topic, it really shows what side of the argument people stand on. 
It’s a real thing that people go through, real feelings and real actions. People never know how to handle something like this. I think the scene is powerful in that it really showed how it was like, no romanticising or glorifying. It was….just that. A suicide. A lot of people don’t want to face the truth that it happens or that people are and can be, mentally ill. We as a society need to open up and talk about everything. Who knows, you could save so many lives. 
As someone who has previously attempted on my life, it felt like closure. It showed me what would have happened if I had of succeeded with my attempt, and it wasn’t pretty. But when you’re in that position, that deep black hole, you can’t think of anything else than the ending of your emotional pain and emptiness. Seeing her parents find her made me think about what would have happened if my parents found me. It made me really appreciate my life and the supportive people I have in my life now. 
The scene was so powerful and impactful that I think it’s important that teenagers all watch this, and adults too. So you can see what happens, how you can help people avoid the same situation, how to spot the subtle signs of bullying and mental illness. If you’re offended by the scene, I think you should really reevaluate why you’re actually offended by it. Are you offended because it happened? Are you not open minded to these things? 
It was real, every part about it. The show has made such a stir that I hope our future generations will actually be able to go to school and not get bullied, to be able to get help without question, that parents will know the warning signs early; most of that is wishful thinking. 
The show explores a lot of real and serious issues like rape, drug and alcohol use, bullying, suicide, depression and bystanders. If this show wasn’t half as powerful in the delivery, would we be talking about the topics and making change? And why did it take a show on Netflix to teach people to be kind to one another, admit fault, take responsibility for their actions and to actually openly discuss suicide? We have a long way to go, but in saying that, we have come quite far and we are bound to go further in research and treatments for the vulnerable people around us, including ourselves. 
Look after yourself and others. Never be afraid to get the help you need. 
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