Nursing Semester 1 Wrap Up

There’s two weeks left of nursing for semester 1 before exams and a break. I’m actually exhausted, emotionally and physically. So juggling the rest of my assignments and study, I decided I’d make this wrap up post!

First of all, I’ll cover the positive points. 

Its been rewarding already for me, I have to say. I’ve achieved the kind of scores I aimed for, I’ve learnt so many things about nursing and myself, everything is cemented into my life like it’s supposed to be there. Getting to learn about the human body, how to do physical assessments (and practicing my skills on my loved ones), how to study, all the legal stuff I need to know and communication types. It’s really interesting because I can throw these things into every day activities and it adds a whole other layer to life.

As much as I throw communication under the bus, because it’s mostly common sense, learning about aggressive communication, passive aggressive communication etc has been really interesting though. Whenever I talk to people now I think about how they’re communicating with me and what style etc. So beforehand I used to analyse and evaluate how people talk to me and people in general, but now I do that like 10 times worse….oops….

I’ve loved foundational nursing just because I got to practice everything I’ve been learning about and looking at different techniques and just learning how to talk and act with patients. Recently, I did my first OSCE and one of the things I was told was that I have a very caring nature and I ask all the right questions which I’m very pleased about!

Legal…well it was interesting looking into accidental deaths and inquests, but the actual law part is so full on. I started understanding it the more I researched and looked into actual legislations which is pretty neat.

Anatomy and physiology oh my god. This was the hardest class yet. It’s hard to wrap your head around all the information and understand functions and what happens behind them as well as simple things like breathing and cardiac outputs/inputs. With a fair amount of study that I’ve put into it, I’ve been doing well! So I’m super happy about that. The amount of work I put in I get back out and it’s a good feeling.

Now for the negatives…

I won’t lie…I’m super exhausted and run down at this point. I still have 1 more essay to finish editing, 8 more modules and 2 exams. Even the thought is making me feel worse. However, I’ve come this far and I can’t stop now!

You have to study long and hard if you want a good outcome. There’s so much work in nursing so trust me when I say, when the uni tells you how many hours to put in at a minimum, do it. Allow yourself the time to do the work on time and find time for yourself, it’s hard but you need to do it.

The take home message…

Nursing will make you want to curl up in a coma for 30 years…and it’s only the first semester! I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I knew it would be a lot of work so I wasn’t surprised about that, and I know there’s plenty more to come in the next 2 years! If nursing is something you really want to do, then do it. Because if it’s the right course for you, you’ll excel.

Here’s to the next few weeks of finishing up work and doing 2 exams, bring it on.
Stay tuned for next month when I do a review of my Erin Condren Life Planner and how to decorate it!

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