Erin Condren Life Planner Review In Photos || Part 1

It came! It came! The greatest life planner ever. This is the first purchase I’ve ever had with Erin Condren, and it won’t be the last! 

First of all, I’ll go through the options available for the 2017-2018 Life Planner: 

  • Many, many new covers
  • Your choice of 12 month or 18 month
  • Tonnes of accessories 
  • Your choice of neutral colours or colourful 

The planner came it possibly the prettiest box ever. 

Upon opening the box, I was welcomed to this:

It was everything I could have imagined. The cover I chose ended up looking even better in person

You can choose to have your name or anything you like written on the cover. You can even get a cover with photos, completely customisable! 
The first page is a nice decorative piece. The thick tabs on the side are really handy as they don’t bend or come off. 

There’s also a wipeable list on the inside of the cover. 

The pages are nice and thick, I haven’t had any marker bleed through yet! 

There’s tonnes of quotes to keep you motivated too

And also…for the child in all of us…there’s colouring pages!

Each beginning of the month has both a quote and a notes page with circles for you to fill in with whatever you like

There’s a double page spread of the month included 

There’s also a double spread for the month ahead

Even if you don’t buy stickers, it comes with plenty in the back

I got the platinum coil, and it’s actually really pretty. It’s nice and neat, the colour is perfect

It is very thick though with 18 months in it 

As I preordered, I got a free journal. I also bought a sticker book on top, with a free sticker page included. I’ve already used a few of the stickers..

So this is my review in photos! Overall, it’s amazing quality and well worth all the money I’ve spent on it. I highly recommend it! Stay tuned for another post on decorating and other ideas for your planner! 
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