The Influence Of Suicide And Help || Michelle Carter Trial

The way you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you

This is all my opinion, and I’m sure the same opinion is shared amongst many people. I feel that I needed to make this post for quite a few reasons. I will include the messages that transpired between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy as they need to be addressed. This won’t be for the light hearted. If you or a loved one are in distress please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 (Australia). 

Through most news outlets around the world you’ve most likely heard about Michelle Carter’s trial. Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter over her boyfriends suicide. She sent many messages that coerced Roy into committing suicide. If you click here,, you’ll be able to read the messages in question. 
When I first read these messages I was taken aback, how could someone actually say these things to someone? How can you be so heartless as to tell someone how easy it is to commit suicide and how his family would just ‘get over it’? It begs the question, if you have the power to push someone to commit suicide, wouldn’t you have the power to get them help?
In a few news articles I’ve read that she only did it because he was suffering and that he’s just try again over and over and she wanted to end the suffering. If you know someone suffering, wouldn’t the logical step be to get them help rather than make them feel that suicide is the only option? Insinuating that suicide is easy to do and you ‘shouldn’t over think it’ is disgusting. This is why a stigma still lays upon mental illness. Suicide isn’t as easy that. Roy shows evidence that he could get help, he kept putting it off which means he knew that his life mattered. He relied on someone he loved who evidently, put him into the ground. 
And now, she’s crying and trying to back track. You don’t do something so evil and then justify it. You don’t and you can’t. Once you tell someone that committing suicide is easy and to just do it, that stays with you. Forever. I mention in my last blog post that more often than not, when you say negative things those words in a way get etched into your skin and that’s what people see about you from then on. This is no exception. 
If anyone you know has been, or is in that situation, you’d know how hard it is for them and for you to see them like that. You want what’s best for them which is getting them help. I wonder if he tried to get help but she didn’t allow it? Carter shows signs of having an abusive personality. In another news article she states that she wanted to play the role of the grieving girlfriend. I’m unsure of how true that is, in the case that it is, it displays a total disregard for the life of others, selfishness and manipulative behaviour of the victim card being thrown up. 
I believe that should you pick a side of the mental illness argument, you stick to the side that doesn’t lay with the stigma. Carter speaks to a Man named Sam about the incident and explained how Roy got out of his car because he didn’t want to go through with it and she insisted he go back in the vehicle and continue. Why could someone do that? 
I’m honestly disturbed that people like that exist, I’m disturbed that people would go out of their way to hurt and destroy someone, I’m disturbed that someone can care so little for the life of someone else. I can’t wrap my head around this for the life of me.

 If you need help, you need to get it. You need to surround yourself with people that are supportive and helpful. 
We all need to do our bit to help out the people that need it. Sometimes, you can’t help people that won’t help themselves. Sometimes, people don’t even see anything they do as a problem or note that they have a mental health problem and it’s sad. It really is. 
If you have the power to help someone, you do it without wanting something in return. You do it because you have a heart. You do it because you don’t want people to suffer in silence. You do it because life is so fragile and yet, can be so amazing. You do it because it’s possibly happened to you in the past. Just do it. Suicide and mental health problems are real, don’t try to sweep them under the rug. 
For the rest of Michelle Carter’s life, Conrad Roy’s blood will be on her hands. 


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