Student Nurse Must-Haves

Being prepared and organised as a student nurse is so important. That’s why I’m here to show you my nursing must-haves that make it all possible! I will supply links where available!

Referencing Book


This will really help you with essays. A good book that shows you how to reference every type of thing possible will be the most helpful thing you have.

Course Information Folder


In this folder I keep all my immunisation records, course descriptors and some really helpful printouts. It’s really handy having everything in one spot and easy to turn to when needed!


These free printouts are incredibly helpful. They make essay planning quicker and easier, keeping track of grades and other things! You can get these from here!

Physical Textbooks


I recommend getting the actual textbooks over using online ones or not using them a lot. You can highlight, flag pages and come back to them at any point and I find them super helpful.

A Standard Page Layout

Having a standard page layout is really handy so that your notes are easy to read and everything is all set out neatly. I used some inspirations from Pinterest. Check out mine here!

A Study/Work Schedule 

Making a schedule of when to study and do work is important in keeping you motivated and maintaining a routine. For this I use the semester planner printout which can be seen above!

A Hobby


It’s so important to have a hobby outside of what you’re studying, something that you can just do and not have to think about anything that’s stressing you out. For me, it’s photography. I’ll touch on this further in the future but having a hobby is such an underestimated thing; we all need something to do that clears our heads. I took the above photo and it’s one of my favourites.

A Planner/Diary


This is actually the most important thing here. I have an Erin Condren life planner and it takes the stress out of organising my life. It helps with keeping a routine, due dates, appointments, work and general notes! I also use mine as a mood tracker for my mental health.

A Clean Space


I keep the area I work in and study in neat and tidy as strangely enough, I seem to focus better and get everything done! Plus decorating your space is super important to feel comfortable.

A Good Bag

It’s important to have a bag that will fit everything you need on the day of your classes, for me it’s my satchel bag! I’ll be doing a ‘what’s in my uni bag’ in the future so keep an eye out for that post too! It’s also important not to break your shoulder or back with your books which leads me to my next point..

Find A Book Setup That Works For You


In the first semester I played around with a large folder for every subject which can be found in a previous post here! But that set up started being a pain with carrying them around and always having to spread out a lot on tables. This semester I’ve opted for exercise books per class and a single folder for handouts and printouts.

I hope this has helped anyone starting nursing or already studying nursing. I find all of these things important to me and they may be important to you, too! 




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