Gratitude || How-To

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” -Melody Beattie

Sometimes we need to be bring our feet back on the ground and realise all the things we have, compared to what we don’t. Practicing gratitude is so important for that reason, it keeps you grounded.

Most of the time, let’s be honest, we focus on the negatives in our life and in affect, some of us blame other people for the problems in our lives. That’s why today I present to you easy ways to practice gratitude.

Create a list

Each morning, or every few mornings, take the time to write down everything that you already have. This can be loved ones, friends, a roof over you head, food on your table etc etc you get the picture.

Imagine the things you have

This is self explanatory, instead of writing it down you just literally think about them. Picture the roof over your head, picture yourself eating etc etc.

Let people know

Tell the people around you what you’re grateful of, and that you’re grateful that person is in your life and what your reasons are.

My gratitude list

I’m thankful that…
I have a roof over my head every night
I have food to eat every day
I can afford to continue doing my hobby
I’m studying the course to gain the job of my dreams
I have a job to earn money
I have an extremely supportive family
I have the kind of friends I’ve always wanted
I can wear my favourite style of clothing and not be judged
I can share my hobby with the world
I have constant support and help
I experienced bullying, so that I now choose very selectively the people around me and I know when people are negative/toxic to me
I experienced death, that way I knew what it means to be alive and understand not to take people for granted
I experienced (and continue to) mental illness so that I can further my understanding of people and myself






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