21 Things People Don’t Know About Me

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you probably know of a lot of the hard moments in my life and how I've dealt with them, but you don't really know me as a person. So today I present to you……..21 things people don't know about me! I also picked 21 things since I've been alive for 21 years this year…

  1. I deeply assess everyone I come into contact with without them knowing (now you do).
  2. I have to live by a routine and usually plan everything a week or two in advance so I don't feel unproductive.
  3. I work really hard and always put in 110% into the things I do
  4. If my desk isn't organised and neat it drives me nuts.
  5. I spend a fair amount of my time watching crime, mental health and supernatural documentaries.
  6. I remember everything that has ever affected me both positive and negative.
  7. I'm allergic to a tonne of things.
  8. All of my nursing things are colour coordinated.
  9. Michael Jackson's psychology intrigues me so I've read a lot of material about him.
  10. I've always been pretty independent and love having time to myself.
  11. I believe you need to have 10 positive interactions with someone to overwrite a negative interaction.
  12. I've been to Vanuatu, Cook Islands, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Austria.
  13. I love photo's, they're a great way of looking back on past chapters of your life and other people's lives.
  14. I use to be a really good at drawing.
  15. I'm severely allergic to lactose but I freaking love peanut butter ice cream.
  16. I spend half of my time awake reflecting on myself and seeing what I can change and improve on.
  17. Despite outward appearances, I am a very organised person.
  18. My favourite colour is teal.
  19. I have a 2 strike policy with people.
  20. I am extremely interested in asylums and their old ways of treatment.
  21. I have to research things before I make an opinion.

I hope you've enjoyed learning some useless facts about me!



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