Having Opinions

I've recently started a nursing class called "Intro to nursing research" and my lecturer brought up a valid point which has inspired this post. He said that all opinions should be evidence based and well researched rather than just saying and believing things for the sake of saying and believing things. For the last few years, I've always researched a topic before coming to a conclusion about it and it makes for well thought out arguments while having an educated opinion.

So you have thoughts on a topic…

Can you back them up? What led you to think this? Have you seen or heard this before? Are you just repeating someone else's opinion? These are the important things you should ask yourself regarding opinions. Is it as true as it can be? Is it as honest as it can be? Having false information on a topic can be detrimental to you, and no one likes looking like their stupid.

Research research research…

Research with Google scholar, read books, visit reputable websites and sources. There's an abundant amount of information at your hands to access, don't waste it! Make sure to look at both sides of a topic, it's important you're aware of all sides. Is there someone you can ask about what they know? That might help you a lot more, only if you know how accurate their information is.

Compare your sources…

Put your sources together and see how they match up, if they don't….chances are you don't have good sources. Also, check out the referencing used in your sources too. This will be a great indication of the source quality.

Put it together…

What's your opinion now? Could you answer questions if people asked you them accurately? Does it change any of your thoughts? This is your key to success having an opinion. Depending on your topic, the information could change from time to time so it's important to stay up to date in your opinions.

But this is a lot of work…

It sounds like a lot of work, I know. However, if you really want to have an opinion on something it's best to make sure it's researched and worth it. An educated opinion is an intelligent opinion. And contrary to popular belief, you need to know what you're talking about with an opinion not just blatant uneducated thoughts.

I hope you've learnt something and I hope it helps you out in the future!


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