Why You Should Have A Hobby

Have you noticed when all you do during the day is scroll through Facebook and Instagram that your life feels…dull? That the things you read affect you and you end up ruminating and focusing on things you really don’t need to? Well, I present to you my theory on why everyone should have a hobby!

Hobbies keep you entertained, focused and busy. This is key to feeling good about life. If you have all the time in the world then you will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable feelings and have uncomfortable thoughts. It really helps in the recovery of depression, trust me. I think in order to be a certain level of sane you need to be occupied most of the time.

If you go to work, come home and do nothing till you go to bed then lather, rinse and repeat you have pretty much guaranteed a negative existence for yourself. For me, my hobby is also what I’m studying. I also have other creative hobbies like scrapbooking and writing..hence my blog! I love researching new things about nursing and mental illness so that keeps me occupied quite a lot, as well as my uni work load. I relax from time to time doing scrapbooking and drawing. Those are the things that help keep me sane!

Finding a hobby though, can be hard for some people. Finding what works for you and what doesn’t is important. Do you like to be creative or logical in your spare time? I probably didn’t word that right..but do you prefer to keep busy doing creative things or keep busy by constantly learning new things? That’s for you to decide. Blogging is a great way to keep busy as well as let off steam, learn new things and explore your creative side. I highly recommend blogging!

Try it out for a month, find something that works for you and see how you feel after a month. If you feel the same maybe look into a new hobby, if you feel different reflect on why that is? Is it giving you an outlet for all of life’s stresses? Buying kits online is a quick and easy way of jumping into a creative hobby! Check out eBay for cheap kits, Etsy and specialized websites if you have extra money to spend! Pinterest is great for inspiration as well, I highly recommend that!

I hope this has all made sense and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!



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