Nikon D3400 Camera Review

Photography is my hobby, it’s one of those things I can throw myself into and really get a lot out of. It’s a great way for me to wind down and often times, lower my anxiety levels. Recently, I got this camera for an early birthday present and oh my God. 

This camera is one of the best camera’s I’ve ever had, though considering I’ve only previously had a Nikon Coolpix B500 and a Girlfriend brand camera. I’ve also played around with a Canon before and I’ll be honest, Nikon is better in my opinion!

I got mine with a 18-55mm lens from Harvey Norman for $425 when it was on special, which is quite a bargain!

Like all recent Nikons, It’s has the SnapBridge feature where you can Bluetooth photos from your camera to any device if you aren’t able to put your memory card in a computer. Through SnapBridge, you can add watermarks, put them on display for other users and see what settings were used for each photo. Remember to pick your settings carefully because you may just get hundreds of your photos onto your phone rather than just a select few…

The pros

  • It has 24.2 megapixels with noise reduction
  • There’s a tonne of settings to play around with
  • It has an interchangeable lens
  • It’s light weight
  • The battery lasts quite a long time
  • All camera settings are shown in the view finder as you take a photo
  • Budget camera with all the high tech settings and specs
  • When recording it picks up on every sound very clearly
  • Comes with a very detailed instruction booklet
  • Very durable for strong
  • SnapBridge works a treat between the camera and a device

The cons 

  • The camera strap broke off
  • A couple of the effects don’t quite work as well as I’d like
  • Manual focus can sometimes be a pain
  • Auto mode isn’t very good (but it does teach you to learn more about the camera!)

Overall opinion 

It’s an amazing starter DSLR camera at a great price, the specs are phenomenal for the price bracket the camera is in and it really does its job. I haven’t had to edit many photos as they turn out pretty amazing on their own. Down below are a few of my favourite photos I’ve taken so far! SnapBridge is a super handy feature to have as well! I recommend this camera for anyone with a basic or intermediate skill set.

**Please seek permission before using or saving any of my images supplied**



2 thoughts on “Nikon D3400 Camera Review

  1. Hi! Got this camera few months ago, and tbh this is my first dslr.😅
    I do agree with “Manual focus can sometimes be a pain”. But as the time goes by, I can learn how to handle it. It is fun and the result is pretty good. I’d like to learn more about photography. This D3400 absolutely what I need! 😊😄


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