How I Study For Exams || Nursing

With exams coming up (well, 2 days away for me) I thought I’d share how I prepare and study for my exams! Luckily I only have 2 exams this semester so it makes it much easier to study on the important aspects. So this is my easy method of studying!

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Look at the modules/information given to you

For my classes, we were given a module that showed what we need to focus our study on. Using this, I went through all my work books and high lighted the information in my book that correlated to the parts we need to study, if I found that I didn’t have the information in my books I go back through the work for that week to fill in the blanks.

Your study environment

For me, I find pure silence the easiest to study in. I also like to clean my room before studying (even if that means just making my bed or resorting my desk drawers, I keep my room relatively clean anyway) so that nothing can distract me and I’m energised to study. I also find it easier to study with my windows open so there’s a nice breeze coming through.

Reading out loud vs. repeating in your head

For me I find that reading my study material out loud helps me remember it much easier and better because I can remember myself saying it, whereas just repeating in my head over and over doesn’t seem to work for me. Find what works for you and do it.

Past examination papers

For a lot of people, doing past examination papers helps them as to what to expect on the day of the exam but I find it just stresses me out; but I would hugely recommend trying them and see how you feel about doing them.

A folder of information

Over the course of the year I’ve been making and putting in diagrams, step by step how-to’s, posters etc of everything I’m learning and put it in a folder so that I can easily access them. This folder comes in very handy at this time of the year so I can see an illustrative version over everything I’m reading, it helps a lot.

So this is how I make my studying easy and stress free! I hope it helps or you found it interesting to read. I’ve got other nursing posts in the study tab above in the menu link!


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