Why Photography Is Important To Me

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

— Ralph Hattersley

I’ve loved photography for a long time now, it’s been my hobby of choice and my own escape from the bad things in life. I’ve used photography as a way to express my inner thoughts and feelings at any given time. It lets me be creative with the things I’m trying to say. I love photography because there are no boundaries to it, there’s nothing stopping you from doing what you want with it.

So in my opinion, what makes photography the greatest hobby?

It’s the freedom, the creativeness, the thought process, the critical thinking, the analysing, the expression; all of it put together makes for the greatest hobby. You can get so lost in photography that you don’t think of anything else.

I’m usually really into landscape photography, I love using a sun set mixed with trees or water. To me it represents the idea of feeling brand new and leaving things in the past. Lately I’ve been getting really into portrait photography, being able to capture the expression of people and how they react with someone they love is amazing to me. I find it really interesting that you can see more of a persons personality in photos than you can with what they say and do. People really show themselves in photos unintentionally. In saying that, you can really see people for what they are in photos, what they focus and don’t focus on.

I’ve learnt more about people taking their photos than I have talking with people and helping them as a student nurse. I thinks it’s incredibly interesting. I highly recommend that everyone gives photography a shot, if it doesn’t suit you then that’s okay; you never know until you try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this small post, I’ve got a couple of exciting things in the works for this year so stay tuned!

I’ll share some of my photos in a post in the future!


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