A Guide To Teal Hair || Products, Ideas & More

In the past I did a red hair care blog post (click here to read it!) because it’s been the hair colour I’ve had the longest. As this year is being advertised as the year of self love I decided to do something I wanted to do since I was 15…..back when I had borderline scene hair, a thick fringe and the worst layers in my hair….I wanted teal coloured hair. Since I’ve been an adult I’ve been putting it off because truthfully…I didn’t have the guts to pull it off. This year I decided that I’d do something for me and let myself be me so lo and behold, teal hair!

Teal hair is hard to maintain because if you get it done at a hairdresser you can’t make up a shampoo and conditioner for the colour to remain like you can with red hair. So because of that, you have to be careful with the products you use in your hair. I decided that I’d treat teal hair the way I treated red hair with the rule of not using heat tools often and only washing my hair twice a week. As I have curly hair, this might be a bit different to someone who has straight hair so keep that in mind when reading!

So here’s the difference between my hair when it was freshly done the first time, to how it faded out then to when I got my refresher done!

Before you get your hair done

Make a board on Pinterest and check out the hundreds of variations on teal hair. When I was 15 I found a YouTuber that had teal hair and fell in love with her hair instantly! So just before I got my hair done I decided to make a board with her hair as well as other people’s teal hair, because let’s face it, your hair won’t turn out exactly like everyone else’s. Don’t hold an EXTREMELY high expectation of how your hair will look, just in case it doesn’t turn out how you want it to.

Here’s some of my inspiration! I sourced these from Pinterest and Google images.

How to wash your hair 

This sounds like it should be easy, but having 3 different colours in your hair makes it difficult. I use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for coloured hair (I’ll list in the products used) and then use the bond enhancer (3rd stage of the Nak kit). I wish there was a hair dye shampoo that would actually help, even though this is a teal hair guide, I cannot stress enough how good De Lorenzo Fire Red shampoo is!

I highly recommend washing your hair in cold water so that way you’re not opening your hair particles and allowing the dye to just run out of your hair. In saying that, you will get some of it come out but not a huge amount if you’re careful. I usually leave my shampoo in for a minute or so then wash out, then my conditioner for about 5 minutes or so, and then the moisture conditioner for a minute.

After washing your hair 

You’ll need an old towel because sometimes hair colour will still come out when you dry your hair. I towel dry my hair until it’s not heavy anymore if that makes sense. From there I use a leave in conditioner that maintains the shine to chemically treated hair, followed by a curling leave in conditioner. The only heating tools I use often is a blow dryer and straightener for just my fringe, using a heat resistance spray. I can’t speak for other people, but most of the time my hair looks soooo bad when it’s completely blow dried.

I shape my curls by scrunching my hair which helps to prevent curls from being messy and frizzy for me. Sometimes I’ll use a hair spray in my hair that’s designed for curly hair just to hold it a bit more.

Pro tip! Use the cool function on your blow dryer if you do want to blow dry it.

In between washing your hair 

With curly hair, you never want to brush your hair every day. It’s a myth that you have to brush your hair everyday to distribute the oils, your hair literally does that on its own; that’s why you’ll notice that all of your hair gets oily from time to time. It actually damages your hair to brush it daily, so I literally just brush it out when it’s wet.

Avoid dry shampoo, it can damage your hair. This tip sounds a little odd, but avoid direct bright sunlight with teal hair because it will go dull quicker that way as my hairdresser told me; and I found out was true…oops. Use soft hair ties, I noticed that where my hair tie usually sits the colour has faded more and ended up on my hair tie.

Long term maintenance 

You will need a refresher done on your hair after about 4 weeks, just to keep it looking fresh and nice. It does cost a lot over time to maintain it, let’s be honest here. You could always do it at home by yourself but if you want it with foils through it too you’re better off getting it done professionally. My hairdresser uses Manic Panic and I have a combination of green, turquoise and blue throughout my hair. I would actually stuff it up if I did it by myself at home, I’ll be honest.

If you’re sick of your hair colour and want to change it, it can be quite difficult because green and blue do stain your hair depending on the brand so just be aware of that. Try and avoid rain, you don’t want dye on your clothes either.

Products I use

  • Nak Colour fix serum (which goes into my hair after washing it)
  • Nak structure complex shampoo and conditioner and bond enhancer
  • De Lorenzo Elements barrel wave leave in conditioner
  • Tresemme perfectly undone curling hairspray
  • De Lorenzo fire extinguish thermal spray
  • VS Sassoon hair dryer
  • VS Sassoon hair straightener

Can you see what brands I love yet? 😛

My teal hair blunder

Okay so I was using the wrong kind of shampoo and conditioner, I was using Tresemme which was actually removing my hair colour and fading it quicker…

Some things you should know 

You mainly get stared at by little kids and and middle aged people. I work in a supermarket and I’ve had middle aged people question me on my hair choices, as if it has something to do with them, right? I’ve found it’s usually people that don’t like change or enjoy the same day in day out things that don’t like the hair colour, which says a lot 😛

But no, it is a big change and it is kind of empowering doing something for yourself and taking a chance on a brand new colour you’ve never done before. As you’ve probably seen in my recent posts, this year for me is all about getting out of my comfort zone, and this was the kick I needed to get the ball rolling. Do you and don’t live by other peoples opinions.

Basically, find yourself and be that.



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