Everything I’ve Learnt From The Wizard Of Oz

I LOVE The Wizard Of Oz. I have quite a collection growing of dolls and other memorabilia; it’s basically always been my favourite film. The older I get the more I get from the film, and how it relates to personal growth and self awareness. I am of course talking about the Judy Garland classic. I do however also LOVE the book series and various other films, but for this post I am relying on the 1939 classic.

Let’s get into it! Also this probably won’t be in order of the scenes appearing in the movie…

If you think someone is evil or has malicious intent, you’re probably right

You need to exit your comfort zone in order to grow, improve and explore

You need a happy place

A lot of people prove that this is a thing that happens …. a lot

Being kind and using your manners is the key to making friends

Saying goodbye to someone you’ll never see again is hard. Really hard.

There’ll always be someone waiting to watch you fail or mess up

Having a heart and showing empathy is extremely important

Courage only comes to you when you jump into the thing you’re afraid of. Whether it’s researching to understand, talk to certain people or do certain things

Always have a support network around you, full of people you can call on and trust

Dogs are the best

An accurate representation of me when my social anxiety hits

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive

Chronic disease makes me relate to this more than you’ll ever know

You never know when you’re going to die, you may as well make use of the time you have. Don’t live the same day everyday and call it a life is what I’m saying

Never assume things. Always ask and clarify, because once you assume something you’ll begin to believe anything related to that assumption. How is this gif relevant? She assumed she could have an apple. The tree is bit of a dick though

This is how it feels to reach the completion of your goals

It will take time to reach those goals, be patient and enjoy the journey

Some people have a strong personality to make up for their insecurities and fears, don’t take it personally

Don’t run from fear, embrace it

Superiority complexes will make you extremely unlikable

Running away from your problems makes everything much worse

This is what depression feels like. Hundreds of negative and horrid thoughts racing through your brain all day everyday

Don’t take people for granted and never wait for a tragedy or illness to hit before you learn to appreciate people, you’ll regret it

And lastly, positivity and love are really important


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